Calista Nilsson




My name is Calista Nilsson. It is a pleasure to have you here. If you’re looking for a tall, sultry, passionate woman with eyes that can pierce through you and a body right off the Paris runways, I trust that you will find in me exactly what you desire.

Let me assure you that it is not until we meet that you will truly understand why the experience of my companionship cannot be easily described through a bio and series of photos.

My philosophy is simple: find out what he sees in his wildest dreams, then show him how much better it is in real life.

From the moment we meet, you will no doubt find me to be a seductive woman with a natural air of intrigue. As you find yourself becoming lost in my eyes, I’ll be there to delicately guide you back to a place where we can get lost in one another.

There’s nothing more exciting than being swept up in a moment, only to be found in a state of pure ecstasy.

You’ll be looking forward to the next time we’re together long before we even say our goodbyes.

If you wish to explore under the surface, you will discover an academic intellectual with unmatched depth. I am a college educated professional with a degree from an elite private institution.

I am formally trained in etiquette and take great pride in presenting and carrying myself in a manner that classic gentlemen find both respectable & wildly irresistible.

Although there’s nothing like getting to know someone intimately, I do enjoy making casual acquaintances with new people.

I will effortlessly impress associates and friends alike with my astounding beauty, elegance, and grace. My sense of humor will counter any hard day at the office.

If you’re looking for a beautiful woman to turn heads and captivate minds, you’ll be glad you’ve got me by your side.

I naturally maintain a sense of sophistication and charm, but I don’t let that stop me from letting go and savoring moments of all-consuming passion.







Sensual Acquaintance – 60 minutes - $500


Blissful Indulgence - 120 minutes - $ 900


Cocktails & Conversations - 180 minutes - $1300


Hors D’oeuvres, Entrees, & Dessert - 240 minutes - $1700


Social Engagements, Private/Business Obligations - 360 minutes - $2700


Overnight Indulgences - 720 minutes - $4000


Gifts are accepted via Cash, Credit Card, Wires, and finally Pay-Pal.






These screening options are non-negotiable. I will not waste either of our time responding to screening requests that do not provide the information exactly as stated here. Please select one or more of the following screening methods and provide all of the information requested in your booking request. 


Verified Members:

 An active client account on a verification site such as, but not limited to, p411 or TER. Please provide your username AND send me a pm from that account, via the site's messaging service. A user account on non-verification site will be accepted as long as you have recent okays/references/been vouched for by providers who are established & properly verified. 


Employment/Personal Screening:

 Please provide a LinkedIn account and/or a professional site w/ photo (on one or both). Please also send an email from your professional account. If you would prefer an untraceable/generic email address to which you may safely send a verification email, I am happy to provide one. In lieu of an email, you may also send me a copy of your valid photo ID/passport. Feel free to cover up the address and ID number; your full name and photo must be visible.


Provider References:

 Two or more verified provider references. Please provide a link to their verified* profile, as well as their email address. Include all identifying information (name, email, phone number, place of meeting) by which they will know you. 

This option works best when pre-booking at least 3 days in advance. Providers can get busy or be on vacation and it may take a bit longer to hear back from them. Providing more than two references will increase the likelihood of hearing from at least two in a timely manner. You may also consider contacting them to let them know that you are awaiting screening as this may expedite their response time.

*A verified provider is one who has been thoroughly screened by an industry verification service such as p411 or ter. An advertisement alone is not sufficient for proof of verification. Unverified providers are still permitted to advertise on most sites. I will not, under any circumstances, accept providers for whom you cannot provide a verification link and I do not have time to conduct extensive searches to find out whether or not a provider you have named is verified.





Please fill out a booking request including your preferred method of verification. As a low-volume companion,  I have a limited schedule. Please schedule in advance so that I can be available on the date you prefer to meet. I do have other obligations that keep me quite busy and, as such, am not available every day or with short notice. That being said, always feel free to check in with me.

"There is no such thing as a stupid question".


This is a mutual consideration and a very important one for me personally. I will always be freshly showered upon arrival and I kindly insist that you arrive freshly showered as well. If that is not possible, always feel free to shower upon arrival. Please be mindful I am YMMV and hygiene plays a very big part in that.


It goes without saying, finding the companion that fits your wants and needs best is an essential part of having a great experience. Please allow me to walk you through what an experience might be for us. Our experience will be much like a date, with all of the excitement, attention and spoiling you will receive but without all of the complications & hassles of a relationship. I can be the diversion you crave to relax and unwind after a long day or the elegant, educated, articulate lady you want for a night on the town. No matter what you choose, I will pamper and spoil you. I want our time together to be fun, exciting, and enjoyable. I will make it happen for you. I am without a doubt sensual, seductive, and playful. More importantly, however, I am a lady and insist to be treated as such. Be assured, chivalry is valued and rewarded greatly. The more you give, the more you can expect to receive.

If you would like to bring something to drink, I am an avid scotch drinker. I am always impressed when a gentleman introduces me to a scotch I’ve yet to try. I enjoy red wines (pinot, syrah, and a rich cab) as well as dry, buttery chardonnays. Please ensure that anything you would like to enjoy together is sealed upon our meeting.









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" Guys, you'll never regret seeing Calista. She is truly one of a kind, and words can't describe the amazing and surreal experience I had with her. I will see her at any opportunity I can. " -

" Calista looks are astounding and she is so easy to talk to. We talked for about an hour but it seemed like just a few minutes. She is an incredibly interesting person and a great listener. Several times I was stopped mid-sentence when I was struck by her beauty, cheesy but true. She is a gem. " -





Minnesota 6/25 - 6/30

Oregon 7/9 - 7/14

Colorado 7/15 - 7/22

Boston, MA 7/24 - 7/28 

Chicago, IL  7/30 - 8/1